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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Every year, the world sets aside one special day just for mom. On this day, children everywhere work to let their mother know how important she is.

Still, for millions of children living in orphanages, Mother’s Day is a painful reminder that mother is far away. Not dead or long gone. Not even uninterested. In most cases, mothers are simply incapable of caring for their children due to extreme poverty.

And so this Mother’s Day, in honor of our 22nd birthday, Miracle Foundation is working to fund the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Our goal, with your help, will be to fund 22 children’s return to their mothers, leaving institutional care for a life with a family.

Our Founder, Caroline Boudreaux, knows exactly how important this is.  

Message from Miracle Foundation’s Founder, Caroline Boudreaux, for Mother’s Day 2022

It costs $1260 per child to complete this process safely; to investigate the family environment…to outfit the home with needed items such as beds, blankets & plates…to ease financial burdens…and to monitor a child’s transition until they are settled and thriving.

Just $27,720 brings 22 children home and we encourage you to get involved.

It truly will be the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

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May 2, 2022 CATEGORY: News
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