Peer to Peer Toolkit

Thank you for helping spread Miracle Foundation’s Mission and Vision this Holiday Season.

We hope these photos and captions will be a great starting point for you to highlight us on your social media channels.

Facebook and Instagram Posts

Suggested captions:

  • I am joining Miracle Foundation in their mission to reunite children with their families. ❤️ Will you stand with me and make a change in a child’s life today? (Tag us @TheMiracleFoundation)
  • Every child deserves the security of a safe and permanent home. That’s why I’m supporting Miracle Foundation and all the amazing work they are doing to help prevent children from being separated from their families, both in orphanages and the foster care system. I invite you to stand with me and make a difference today by donating to my fundraiser for Miracle Foundation – let’s create a lasting impact together! 🏠❤️(Tag us @TheMiracleFoundation)
  • Join Miracle Foundation through my fundraiser to help support foster children. Let’s make a powerful impact together! Tap the link in my bio to donate now. (Tag us @TheMiracleFoundation)

On desktop, right-click “Save image as…” or on mobile, press & hold until a prompt pops up and save the image to your camera roll.

Use stickers such as polls, questions, countdowns, etc. to generate more engagement and views.

Remember to tag @themiraclefoundation in your stories!

Miracle Foundation

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