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Aarambh: From Orphanage to Resource Center

Miracle Foundation works with vulnerable children because we know when a child thrives, communities succeed, and ultimately, the country is healthier.  That means less people in prison, less homelessness, less mental health issues, and more economic growth.   What we know from 50 years of research is that fundamental to a child thriving is that they belong to a family, a safe, secure family.   

As a society, we’re moving towards a shared understanding of what children truly deserve in terms of care and support. This realization is reshaping the future of children currently living in orphanages.  There are true hero’s that used to run orphanages who are transitioning their work to help families stay together.   Miracle Foundation partners with amazing leaders who are leading the transformation by transitioning their once orphanages into resource centers for families.

Our friends at Aarambh stand as an example of the paradigm shift from orphanage care to family-based care. Staffed by individuals who prioritize the well-being of the children, these amazing leaders have embraced this change. Their approach shifted from running an orphanage to facilitating a new life for every child – one filled with the love and warmth of a family. Aarambh acknowledged that empowering families was the most effective way to achieve this goal. By assisting parents in finding employment opportunities or securing microfinance loans, small acts of support combined to create a significant impact on families and their children’s lives.

Aarambh’s commitment to growth and adaptation didn’t stop there. Their focus extended to preventive measures, ensuring that families remain together whenever possible. This transformation is a gradual process, acknowledging that monumental change takes time. Our approach is grounded in the Thrive Scale, a tool that ensures children receive comprehensive support to flourish. Creating a secure, nurturing environment and fostering a sense of belonging are central to our strategy. Continuous monitoring and assessment ensure that progress is quantifiable and impactful.

This transformation is a beacon of hope as we continue our work with an unwavering focus on our mission of a Family for Every Child in our Lifetime. Aarambh’s transformation from an orphanage to a Resource Center shows us our vision is not only a possibility but is already becoming a reality.  

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